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Most parts of India being already in the grip of a fierce summer, the culturally elegant saree of linen and light shades would work best. A purely ethnic tradition, the saree is also worn in neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. With a history going back to the Indus Valley Civilization, sarees are the pride of Indian womanhood.  

Age of the designer saree!

Changing lifestyles in the 21st century amidst riding materialism and technology are saying goodbye to simplicity. Heavily embroidered with silver and gold thread and multi-coloured silk sarees in bright shades are now the norm in the fashionable upper classes. A majority may be content with the linen saree that suits the warm weather best. Lots of hot weather being around the corner, say goodbye to warm clothes and fancy sarees. Take good care and let them sleep. 

Just like several layers protect against the cold, the light folds of the 6-yard saree draped around the graceful figure keep the body fresh. Sure, the saree clad figure that reveals the midriff and covers the upper body with a blouse does appear a noble vision! After draping, the last bit called the ‘pallu’ that hangs over the shoulder has a purpose or two, like covering the head on formal occasions or tying a bunch of keys for safekeeping. 

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The silk saree or Bollywood saree might be a hot favourite but are not entirely suited to the sultry summer. Yet, parties in the night amidst air-conditioned starry hotels would not bother you. Feed your fantasy and let the mirror be the guide! Some special occasions may require something more by way of elegance and impact.  

Variety is always the best.

Just like cuisines that come from several countries and enrich the diet, different dress styles are attractive too. There may be occasions for T-shirts and jeans, just like the formal business suit, according to the event. Sports occasions would need tracksuits, and water-based activities require the swimming costume.  

Those special events apart, the traditional saree speaks the Indian ethos best, and work in different styles according to the native state. If there is anything that unites diverse India, it is sarees for women and bandhgalas for men.  

Saree spiritual dimensions

A conservative dress that keeps the passions in control and reveals little, sarees suit the traditional culture. Not everybody may agree, and it is common to see the low hip flaunting fashionista sarees with short blouses to show off the precious physical assets. Amidst other revealing dresses worn in the global show business, the skimpy saree adjusts very well too.  

Shopping for sarees at the best prices

Look no further with speaking the intimate language that appeals to the millions of ethnic women that make up India. Along with the convenience of online shopping, add the allure of the light shades and designs of summer sarees. Agreed that everybody is busy playing advertising and price wars, yet the prices out here are quite supreme, the best available. Go ahead and indulge. 

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